Roop 29th May 2018 Full Episode 2

Video watch online Roop 29th May 2018 Full Episode 2 high quality stream on Colors tv. Indian Serial Roop full episode 2 by Colors tv. Drama Roop 29 May 2018 watch online.
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Telecast Date: 29th May 2018
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Roop 29th May 2018

Roop Full Episode 2
Roop colors tv drama

The Show starts with a girl calling Himani and telling her that Baap ji woke up from sleep. Himani gets tensed. She comes to her mother and tells Baap ji woke up. Her mother gets tensed and is about to hold hot utensil with her hand, but her daughter asks her to use cloth. Baap ji is introduced. Kamla asks her daughter to bring toothbrush, towel etc. Baap ji comes to the lawn. He asks where is my Jaan.

Kamla says she will call him. Girl asks him to brush his teeth. He asks her to call Roop. Roop is in the kitchen making tea. Himani comes to Baap ji. Baap ji says he wants to see Roop. Kamla, Himani and her sister come to roop and call him. Roop says I was making tea and asks them to put sugar. Himani asks him to go fast. He pulls her dupatta and runs holding it. Himani asks him to stop and

runs behind him. Roop comes to Baap ji and drops Himani’s dupatta on floor. Himani wears it. Baap ji hugs him. He calls his wife and scolds her. He scolds his three daughters and ask why did you call him Roop. He asks what is his name. His daughters tell Roopendra.

He asks about their mum’s name? Himani says Kamla. Baap ji says her name was Kamlesh, her father wanted a son, but she was born so he named her Kamlesh Kumari. He calls his younger daughter Kinjal and asks him to read the newspaper else he will get her school closed. She reads the news. Kamla and Himani make food and serve.

Roop asks him about the trophy. Baap ji boasts about catching thieves and making the place crime free, just as he wears uniform. Roop comes to dining place and says Papa is coming. Bua comes there and does his aarti. Baap ji sits to have food and tells that he will keep his trophy on the rack. He tells that he is getting his own house build as he don’t want to stay in house given by Police. He sees toy gun on floor and scolds Kinjal. Kinjal tells that Roop have kept it on floor. Roop apologizes. Baap ji says it is man’s habit to throw things, but woman shall keep it safe. Roop tells his mum that he don’t like to play with gun. Kamla asks him not to tell that. Award ceremony begins. Kamla prays for her husband’s welfare and honor.

Police officer calls Shamsher Singh Vagela to receive an award. He comes near the lady Police officer. She looks at him and makes him wear medal. She forwards her hand, but Shamsher doesn’t shake his hand with her. She gives him trophy. Senior officer asks Shamsher to salute her, but he looks on. Bua tells neighbors that her son got medal and trophy. Senior Policeman asks him to salute SP. Shamsher Singh says I don’t salute woman. Roop goes and plays with girls. Shamsher tells that he will not bend infront of woman.

Senior Police officer tells that SP durga devi have done so much for police dept. Shamsher says he will not compromise with his values. SP Durga Devi tells that she will suspend him and will take away the trophy. He agrees to get suspension, but refuses to salute her. Bua searches for Roop and comes to know that he is playing lagori with girls. She asks him not to play games. Meanwhile Kamla and Himani make arrangement to welcome him. Shamsher keeps his medal and trophy on the table. Senior officer take out his stars from his uniform. Shamsher walks away. Other Policemen are shocked. He sits on bike and leaves. Kamla makes arrangements to keep his trophy.

Roop helps Kamla to get ready. Kinjal asks him to help her get ready. Himani asks Kamla why she gets ready daily for her father. Kamla says it is her duty to get ready and she has been seeing her mother and bhabhi getting ready for their respective husbands. Shamsher comes home. Neighbor makes him wear garland. Shamsher slaps him and says I told that it is not needed. Bua asks what happened? Shamsher tells that he is suspended.

Durga Devi tells policemen that she is thinking how he would have behaved with a woman who goes to his police station. She says she wants to change men thinking against the women, who think them vulnerable and of less status than them. Other policemen tell that Shamsher is a good policeman. Durga Devi says he will arrogant and have wrong thinking. Shamsher tells Bua that he will have jashn for not bending down infront of woman. Durga Devi tells that the news must be public now and tells that he will be suspended until he respects Women and makes it clear. Shamsher boasts in his neighborhood that he will not salute woman and will not lick her foot. He dances with his neighbors holding Roop.

Roop drapes saree on her and comes to Shamsher. Shamsher gets angry and says you are mard. He makes turban and beard on him. Girl tells in the birthday party that Roop has won in the needle thread competition. Girl’s father asks Shamsher if Roop is his son? Shamsher slaps him hard.

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