Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 Full Episode 1520

Video watch online Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 Full Episode 1520 high quality stream on Star Plus. Indian Serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein full episode 1520 by Star Plus. Drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 July 2018 watch online.
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Telecast Date: 11th July 2018
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th July 2018 Full Episode

The Episode starts with Raman asking shall we start felicitation now. Mrs. Bhalla says this lady has done all the good work, I will tell entire truth to Ishita and Raman. Mani says Ishu called much press. Ishita says yes, its Raman’s ambitious project. Shagun says my PR also got media. Ishita asks is anyone coming from your NGO. Shagun says not much, but all my friends have come. Amma asks driver to get car. Mrs. Bhalla says why should Shagun get award, this lady got her bone broken, she should get award, my bahu Ishita is innocent, her intention was good, we got to know truth from you, I will tell this to my son and bahu. Ishita says Amma and Mrs. Bhalla went to doctor, Ruhi is with Pihu at school, Ruhi is teaching music to kids, Adi and Aaliya are enjoying well there.

Nikhil comes

to meet Adi. He says you got fine, Aaliya was panicking for no reason, Aaliya called a doctor for small allergy. He asks Adi to give a pic for college group. Aaliya says stop it, Adi is my husband, you can’t joke on him, do you have an idea what you did, Adi has allergy from seafood, I should have checked the food, sorry it will be better if you leave from here. Nikhil leaves. Aaliya apologizes to Adi. She says I always try to do something good and things go wrong, sorry. Adi says I love you and hugs. He asks her not to say this to Raman and Ishita, they will be worried. She says fine, sleep now.
Shagun sees Kiran and says I think Kiran did all arrangements. Ishita says yes, she is Raman’s business partner. Raman sees them and thinks Ishita got stuck with Shagun, don’t worry your prince charming is coming. He sends a man to Shagun. The man asks Shagun for some pics. Raman comes to Ishita and says I saved you. She says so you have sent photographer. He says I knew you are not interested to talk to Shagun, I see you and know what’s going on in your heart. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…. They smile.

Shagun takes selfie with her friends. Amma asks will we reach on time, I will call Ishu and ask her to stop Shagun’s award. Mrs. Bhalla says no, she will do something else then, there are 10 mins left, we will reach till then. They leave. Ruhi comes to Riya’s house and says I m from her school. She shows her ID card. She says I came to find out why Riya did not come home. Nanny says I have sent message by driver that she has fever and she won’t come school. Riya asks can I meet hr. Nannu says you wait here, I will see what she is doing.

Bala asks Kiran to back off, I don’t need your attention. Kiran asks who’s watching us here. Ishita calls manager and asks who selected the snacks. Manager says Kiran selected this. Ishita says variety is not there, its boring, you go, thanks. Kiran asks what happened. Ishita says I was praising that you did good arrangements, but maybe I hurried, snacks are not good. Kiran says but I did the best. Bala asks what happened Ishu, I never saw you talking this way, how can you criticize her. Ishita says I m talking to Kiran, its my husband’s product launch party, I m concerned. The man asks Kiran to come, Raman is calling her.

Ruhi sees Riya. Nanny says sorry, its time for her lunch now. Riya says same food again, I won’t have this. Ruhi says make khichdi for her. Nanny says Mam gave us diet chart and we have to cook according to it. Ruhi asks what diet chart for such a little girl, get some light food, she is not fine. Nanny says dietician gave the diet chart. Ruhi says I will make khichdi for her. Nanny says we have messaged her mummy, Riya will have this food now, I will tell Mam that you came to meet. Ruhi leaves.

Ishita says what’s happening to me, why am I behaving like this, Kiran is Raman’s business partner. Kiran thanks everyone for coming in their party, this is Raman’s dream project, I want him to come on stage and tell us about his project. Ishita says its better I stay away from Kiran. Raman says we are going to launch a health drink, its dream project as healthy society is a wealthy society, we are going to felicitate such a woman who runs a NGO, who has saved girls from becoming target of human trafficking, please give a round of applause for Shagun Abhimanyu Raghav. Shagun smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma get the lady there. Amma says I will call Ishu here, wait. Shagun goes on the stage. Raman gives her the award. Everyone claps and smiles. Amma asks Ishita to stop the function, Shagun should not get award. Ishita asks why. Amma says Shagun did not do anything, that lady did all the work, we got her. Raman says Shagun will say how her NGO helps women. Shagun says what shall I say, my PR team would have given you brochures about our NGO, I take interest in every case personally. Amma says she is lying, we got a lady. Ishita asks where is Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun to stop nonsense and moves her. She gets on mic and says Mrs. Khatri has saved the girls, not Shagun. They all get shocked. Lady says I don’t want all this, leave it. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman wants to give award to a great woman, it will be bad to award this sinner. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop it. Mrs. Bhalla says this lady broke her leg and saved the girls, this is the way to do great work, not taking photos in newspaper, my bahu Ishita works all day, but she does not run after newspapers. Everyone gets shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is supporting a helpless woman and educating her, she is doing social work, society has people like Ishita and Shagun too, Shagun could not become a mum, if she could not understand her children’s pain, how will she save others. Shagun and Mani get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says I have forgiven her always, this woman is a snake, I don’t want my children to make her drink milk. Ishita worries.

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